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Great on an iPhone and brilliant on an iMac.

A Solid "Quicky" Game

I thoroughly enjoyed this version of Flight Control as much as the one on my iPhone and would recommend it to anyone who likes the original. More difficult levels would be appreciated.

Totally addictive.

I cant stop playing. The sheer simplicity of this game is what makes it so awesome. Woth the 5 bucks. Quick to learn, and loads of fun.


Just as fun and addictive as the original iPhone app...

An Amazingly Addictive App Store Addiction

Alliteration aside, Flight Control HD for the App Store delivers. A quick, simple, highly addictive game thats easy to pick up but a challenge to master. I constantly find myself coming back to increase my highscore (often at the shameful sacrafice of sleep - but Im young so its okay (right?)). The controls (mouse and/or trackpad) are slightly (slightly) less intuitive that the touch interface found on its iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch comrades, but within 4-5 plays I found myself growing increasingly comfortable with the trackpad interface. Theres a reason this game has consistently dominated on the IOS devices: its polished, beautiful, addictive, and highly entertaining. Youd be missed not to pick this up.


Flight Control HD for the mac is eaqually as good as it is on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Especially if youre using a trackpad. If you use a trackpad it feels almost just like it would on a multi touch device. Useing a mouse, trust me its funner and better that it might seem. I was sceptacle at first especially because it was 5 dollars, but its worth the money. You wont regret this purchase. Id highly recomend it to anyone who likes the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad versions. You should try this one even if youre a first timer.


This version of flight control is just as good as the original iphone app. I play it with a tablet so it is really easy to maneuver the planes.


i loved it for ipod, i love it even more for mac

You got love it!

Loved it on the iPod, Love it even more on my Mac.


Loved playing on the ipod, Love it more on a mac

Good game :D

Great game and worth ur money but only if u dont have it on other apple devices (in other way it gets boring quickly) *** Warte waszej kasy ale tylko jak nie macie nego na innych applach :))




Awesome game! Cute and nice. My vife take the controls away from me just after a minute of watching the game!-)) (She doesnt play games at all) Simple and smart idea. Great realization. Best!

Not working

I bought Flight Control HD for Mac from App Store but when I try to start it the following message was displayed: "Flight Control HD" is damaged and cant be opened. Delete "Flight Control HD" and download it again from App Store. I followed this instruction twice but steel it doesnt work.


this game is amazing! with the HD and the perfectness of it, it is the best game so far. i recommend this to everyone, it works perfectly on my macbook. its very addictive also! :)

Best Game App available.

Simple. Fun. Addictive. Cheap. Amazing soundtrack to play along to. Highly recommend a mouse over the trackpad if youre going to do really well at it, but either way you will find yourself sucked in and enjoying the smooth gameplay and great graphics.


Cant believe I just spent all afternoon playing and unlocking all of the levels. Where did the time go?

This Game is Awesome!!!!

I love Flight Control on my iPhone. But it is even better on my MBP!! The graphics are amazing and full screen is really sweet too! Just buy it!

Needs Multiplayer

The best version of Flight Control yet. But it does need Bluetooth/Wi-fi Local and Wi-Fi Online Multiplayer, other than that no problems with it.


I was debating on which games to buy, and even though its $5.00, it worth the money! At first, when i say the pictures, i thought, this will probably be real boring, but once you get to play the game, it addicting, and hard to stop playing it, and overall, its an AMAZING GAME, and i do recomend this game, even for $5.00! you will be satisfied!

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