Flight Control HD App Reviews

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Best on the mac

I think that this app is best on the Mac. I loved it on iPad and iPhone, but I love the contols on the Mac. The contols on the Mac are simple: you can press teh shift key and drag the plane to its destination. You can also click and drag the plane to its destination too. The graphic are also AMAZING!!! Since the Mac screen is the biggest out of all of the devices, it is the most impressive to play on. If these new features were not enough, the leaderboards and the achivements are more innovative too! You can easily see what rank you are and what percentage of people that own the app are better or worse than you! There are tons of achivements that are built into the game. For instace, you can try to keep an aicraft in the air for 3 minutes, you can try to have 20 aircrafts on the screen at one time, or you can try to land 3 aircrafts at once. You are also awarded when you beat your high score for that course, when you beat your high score overall, or when you move up a rank in the leaderboards. Overall, I would totally recomend this app to anyone, young or old! I think that this app makes having apps on the Mac worthwhile.

Great Game Overall!

Great game just like on the iDevices. When my day is getting out of control, I pause, play some Flight Control and it gets me right back to productivity. Great way to unwind the mind from all your stresses since taking care of all the planes makes you absolutely forget about everything else. LOL. Great game, good work guys, keep it up. I recommended and compared to some of the other games out there, the price point is perfect.

Worth it!

For the fuctionality given to the Trackpad, totally worth it!

Great Game! Fun and addicting

This game is very fun. It is very addicting so beware! haha just kidding youll get mad when you dont beat your previous score but it will still make you want to go back and play later. I recommend getting this game.


I love this app its really fun even on my computer I do think its a little too high priced though but i still love it even though i just got it i have already played it a ton GET THIS APP its really fun

fun but kinda wonky controls

I can see how this would work a lot better on a touchscreen, neither the mouse nor trackpad is the same. I try to direct one airplane but if you mouse over another sometimes it gets confused and screws up a plane that was going perfect. trackpad is worse than mouse because theres not enough room to direct the plane in one swipe. Still fun and addictive

Really Nice for First Mac App!

I started playing this game on my iTouch and I got hooked on it. I decided to get it on my MacBook and I really like it! I love the full screen and the graphics look really nice. If you like this game, I definitely recommend this app for your Mac! =)

Excellent - Yet Simple - Hours of Fun

We need more DEVs! More achievements and more levels! This game by far is more addicting than any Ive played on the Mac platform. Well worth the modest charge. You will get many hours of fun from this game. I am having a hard time keeping other members of the household off my Mac after installing this game.

I dont like it

Its pointless and not that fun. I wish that I wouldnt have wasted $5. :(

great game

one of the most enjoyable games ive played in a while. thanks


I bought this game and downloaded it and it wont play


Fun and addicting game. The graphics are great (especially in full screen mode). A must have!! :)

Just as Good as iPad Version

Its just a great game... I now have it on my Mac and iPod and it was worth it...great game devs!

Flight Control

Great game. Needs more intermediate (2 star) levels.




This game is awesome! I just started playing it and its hard to stop.

Music & Maps

This is a great game. The controls for the mac work fine in my opinion. The only things I have to complain about are two minor problems. 1. Sometimes the game music will randomly stop in the middle of playing. It will then come back on a few minutes later. (this is really minor but somewhat annoying) 2. I feel that there are not enough maps/levels in the game. I unlocked every map in less than an hour and have almost all achievements in about three days. Other than that this is a great game and worth the price.

Good, can be better

Once this game has two things it will be a perfect buy. 1. Multiplayer to other iDevices and Macs (Not sure how for macs yet, just stick to the iDevices idea for now) 2. Smoother controls, because the controls are very simple, but still bit hard to perform. Other than that, Great app. :)

Hard game

This game is hard, but fun, if you have patience.

Problems on a MacBook

I love the game, but I find it difficult to play on the MacBook, as it tends to get confused when using a mouse or the track pad. I suspect the action on a iPad would be great, with the ablity to drag, but not on the MacBook unfortunately.

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